Monday, 17 October 2011


Hello!  Welcome to my brand spanking new nail blog!   Let me introduce myself: I'm Elanor, I'm in my (not at all late, definitely not!) thirties, I live in a small town in Derbyshire with a couple of cats and far too many bottles of nail varnish.  I work in an office, I like going camping, I do modern jive dancing and like reading novels about Scandinavian detectives or a nice apocalypse, and can't understand why nobody has yet written a series of novels about a Scandinavian detective in a post apocalyptic world...

I used to have a relatively "normal" approach to nail varnish: I had a few bottles, a couple of pinks and reds, maybe a clear and a black, a glitter or two. I painted my nails every so often, if I was bored, or if I was going somewhere special. Then somehow, in the last year, I have become totally obsessed. My collection has gone from "a few" to "quite a few" to "oh, that's quite a lot of nail varnish!" to "OMG woman, you need a whole special set of shelves just for all that nail varnish!"

I then discovered nail blogs, and my eyes were opened to a whole new world - I found out about all these fancy brands that either aren't available in the UK, or are hard to get, or that cost FAR more than I'd ever considered paying for a bottle of nail varnish. I realised there were a million colours out there that I absolutely HAD to have, and crazy, inspired techniques and ideas that I thought I'd never be able to copy but I just had to try.

So, the aim of this blog is just to join in a bit, and to share my nail varnish obsession from a UK-based point of view. My nails are nowhere near as neat or fabulous as many of the other bloggers that I love, but I'm learning!

I'll start with a proper post tomorrow, but for now, here's a photo of last week's nails:

This is China Glaze Reggae to Riches, with Barry M Lavender Hexograms over the top, both new polishes for me. The China Glaze looked fab on its own, very shimmery and smooth, but I was tired and the weather was grey and depressing, so I felt the need for glitter!  The Barry M was incredibly sparkly in the light, I had to keep stopping to look at my nails!


  1. Very good indeed and inspiring for the coming party season

  2. Ooh, a new blog! Hello! : )

    Where do you buy most of your nail varnishes from?

  3. Ooh, is that AMY Amy? YAY!

    Most of my nail varnishes come from Superdrug and Boots, and a little local shop which I LOVE called Dolled Up (they do all that odd hair and skin stuff that means nothing to me, and a big range of China Glaze & OPI nail varnish). And I get some on Amazon too, ones that I can't find in shops.

  4. Yip, if the AMY Amy is the Amy you're thinking of! : )

    Oh, Amazon sell nail varnish?! I'll need to have a look! Actually, I shouldn't be surprised, Amazon sells just about everything these days. I never seem to see the OPI and China Glaze ones around, but maybe that's because I only really seem to look in Boots when I want nail varnish!

  5. YAY hello AMY Amy! :)

    I think the seller I bought from recently (not directly Amazon, but through Amazon) was called Beauty Inside:
    - have bought twice from them and had no problems. Have bought from others too, never had a problem.

  6. I love your intro post! It sounds just like what happened to me, except my collection isn't too big yet.

  7. Thank you Jessica!

    And don't worry - your collection will grow. And GROW and GROW!


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