Friday, 18 November 2011

Children in Need - Spotty Nails

I thought I'd try out my brand new dotting tools with polka dot nails. I saw some Children in Need nail wraps in Boots that looked like this, and being both a cheapskate, and preferring to do things myself, I made my own.

cin nails 2

I used two coats of Models Own Pro French White. This applied really well, and was lovely and smooth. I hated the look though, and I would never wear all white nails - they looked like Tippex! But for tips on a French manicure, I'm sure it would be lovely.

cin nails 3

I then added random dots using Barry M Spring Green, Coral, Cobalt Blue and Yellow, and Rimmel Pro Heart on Fire, left them to dry for over an hour, and then added a topcoat of Sally Hansen Insta Dri. I was hoping that leaving for ages would stop the spots from leaking, but one or two did still smear very slightly with the topcoat. Oh well, I still liked the spotty look, and several people commented on my nails today. I will do spots again, but probably in different colours. 

cin nails 1

I hate how dry my cuticles are looking these days, despite using lots of hand cream and a nice Dr Hauschka neem oil pen. I think I need to look for a decent cuticle cream this weekend.


  1. Oh those are so cool! Pudsey would be proud! : )

  2. Thanks! They do look a bit messy at the edges there, but I got quite a few positive comments from people at work.

  3. I LOVE these!! how did you do it? Literally just blob the spots onto your white?

  4. Thanks! Yes, you can use a toothpick, although I used a fancy dotting tool that I bought on Amazon. It's basically just a stick with a point on the end, like a toothpick only metal. A toothpick is just as good, except you can't really clean it in between colour changes, so you need lots.


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