Sunday, 1 January 2012

China Glaze - Solar Flare

This is my favourite gold glitter, China Glaze's Solar Flare. 
cg solar flare 3
Don't believe me? LOOK at my bottle!  No nail varnish I've ever had has got beyond three quarters full, and this one is nearly half empty!
cg solar flare 4

Anyway, Solar Flare is very large gold hexagonal pieces in a clear base. It can be a little tricky to apply, as with all glitters like this, and sometimes you need to push the glitter around a bit to fill the gaps, but I love it!
cg solar flare 2
This is three coats with topcoat to smooth the surface. I know there are gaps on my nails, but in real life they are not at all obvious, because the nails are just so reflective and shiny! 

cg solar flare 5
The light reflects off this glitter beautifully, and makes the sparkliest glitter finish I know. I like the fish-scaly look as well.

cg solar flare 7 
Sometimes I layer this over a plain gold base, or a black base, or red, but this time I decided to go for full on plain gold BLING.


  1. This is really pretty. I love glitter!

  2. Thanks! I do love this one - I think I may need to go and buy a backup bottle!

  3. Very nice, bet it's a nightmare to remove though!

  4. Thanks! Actually no - I seem to have accidentally found the knack of peeling glitter off all in one go - an extra layer of topcoat, and off it comes, no nail varnish remover needed at all!

  5. Oh, that is gorgeous!

    Also, thank you for the tip on getting glitter polish off :)

  6. It works for me - I found it out by accident, but it seems to work most times.

  7. Hi Elanor, just followed your blog. I share an interest in nail polish with you. Loved the polish :)

  8. I have been looking for this nail polish everywhere! Do u know where I can buy it? Thanks

    1. Ooh, crikey! My local shop has it (a little independent shop). Not knowing where you are, it's hard to say, but Amazon may have some?


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