Monday, 27 February 2012

Sally Hansen - Golden Ticket

Sally Hansen's coloured polishes haven't been available in the UK for that long, at least, not where I live. We've had the various treatments and topcoats and so on for as long as I can remember, but I've started to see the colours recently in large Boots branches. They're quite pricey though, and I hadn't got round to buying any.
golden ticket 5
This is Golden Ticket, which I found in my local market hall for £1.50! I found this and Hidden Treasure buried in a basket underneath a load of junk. 
golden ticket 1
Golden Ticket is a lovely bronzey golden glittery shimmer. I really like the colour - it's a warm and peachy shade of gold. The glitter is gorgeously sparkly.
sally hansen bottle 2
What I HATED about this one was the bottle and the brush. The bottle is nice and chunky, but the lid has a big rubber ring round it, which feels really cheap and tacky. The brush is a nice shape, but it's far too wide for my nails. As you can see from these photos before I cleaned up the mess, I got varnish ALL OVER my fingers, especially on my narrower nails. The stem of the brush is also really odd - rather than being cylindrical, it's been squished flat, so that it's more spatula shaped. It is ONLY JUST narrow enough to fit in the bottle, so it meant that I kept knocking the bottle and splaying the brush when dipping it back in. And because it's flat, it's hard to wipe off the excess polish before you take the brush out again.
golden ticket 3
This is three coats with topcoat.
golden ticket 2
So overall, very pretty colour, which I like a lot, but annoying application which means that I'm likely to often pick something different when I'm choosing which gold glitter to use.


  1. Sally Hansens are a strange thing. I've got a couple that I picked up in decent sized Boots & Superdrug a fair few years ago, but then I haven't seen any for ages. They're longer lasting than anything else on my nails, though so I grab them when I can.

    I found some Diamond Strength & Hi Definition in the Pound Shop the other week. The Diamond Strength (rose petal) is a bit too coral for my tastes (though it stays put really well), but the HD (lite)... Well, it looked like a terrifying flourescent yellow in the bottle, but turns out to be a pretty good yellow gold. Not too sparkly, but quite good fun. They've got a more sensible brush than yours, too. Beautiful colour though.

    1. Pound shops are great sometimes! I think they tend to have end of line and discontinued things too, so it's even better sometimes to find something that's hard to find.

  2. I have one of these Sally Hansens- "Hello Kitty", a really cute shade of yellow. I hadn't tried it until now. It has that most ridiculous, weirdly cut, paddle of a brush! WHo designed that?!?! As soon I can, I'm going to decant that yellow into an empty clear bottle. That nice color deserves better than that. =)

    1. It's ridiculous isn't it?? Opi brushes can be a bit wide for my little fingers too, but at least the brush fits in the bottle and works properly!


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