Monday, 9 April 2012

Pink Ombre Nails

I was enjoying looking at all my Barry M pinks lined up together yesterday. They looked so pretty.
So I did this.
pink ombre 1
Isn't it pretty? 
pink ombre 2
On the little finger is Barry M's Strawberry Ice Cream (3 coats, this was a little on the streaky side).  Ring finger is Barry M's Bright Pink (2 coats). Middle is Flamingo Pink (2 coats), index is Shocking Pink (two coats) and thumb is Raspberry (2 coats).
pink ombre 3
All of these had the usual Barry M quality - rich saturated colour, even application, decent brush, and smooth, glossy finish. The Strawberry Ice Cream was a little bit streaky, but nothing that an extra coat couldn't fix. Bright Pink has still got a tiny bit of visible nail line, but I don't mind that. 
pink ombre 4
My favourites here are Shocking Pink and Raspberry, but all the colours are good, and I love how they all look together.


  1. That's sooo pretty! Perfect for spring.
    I so must do this myself. But I'll have to inver it & do the darkest shade on my pinkie, as my right thumb is a little nub right now.

    1. I'm sure that would work too. I've taken this off now, but I'm tempted to do something very similar again.

  2. Accent nail patterns ideas:


    1. Ooh, they look so pretty! I especially like the orange and blue together.


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