Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Barry M Silver Multi Glitter

As regular readers will know, I am a big fan of Barry M nail varnishes. They're widely available, sell at bargain prices, and have a huge range of excellent colours. They apply really well, have lovely smooth application and rich colour, they last beautifully and very rarely stain. So as you can imagine, I got a bit excited when I saw that they have a new range of glitters! On top of the existing Red Glitter, Blue Glitter, Green Glitter and others, they've now introduced a Gold, Aqua, Magenta, Pink Multi and Silver Multi Glitters. I didn't buy the pink, because I have others that are similar, but I bought Gold, Aqua, Magenta and Silver Multi.

This is two coats of Silver Multi Glitter, with three layers of topcoat.
silver multi glitter 1
Silver Multi Glitter is a clear base with lots and lots of very small glitter, mostly silver, but as you can see from the close up, also containing blue, pink and gold.
silver multi glitter closeup
To be honest, I'm a little disappointed with this. I was hoping for something really sparkly, but instead it's more of a shimmery foil effect. It's nice, but it's not blowing me away with its gorgeousness.

silver multi glitter 2
The application was fine. The glitter is small enough and dense enough that it's pretty much opaque in two coats. There is a tiny bit of visible nail line showing, but I'm fine with that. It does, however, dry very very gritty, and this needed three coats of topcoat before it felt bearable. In addition, this nail varnish smells REALLY BAD. Very stinky, urgh. That's not normal with Barry M. 

So yeah, in general I find this a bit *meh* for my liking. Sorry Barry!


  1. Looks like a teeny, tiny Mardi Gras parade to me. ;-)

    Upping the shine... what if you paired/layered this over OPI 'Crown Me Already' or 'Pirouette My Wistle'? Just a though. =)

    1. I've put Opi's Save Me on top and it's niiiiice! Post coming up!


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