Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Barry M Denim - and another ring!

Ooooh! I'm not usually a huge fan of blue nail varnish (although there are several I like) but I LOVE this one!  This is Barry M Denim. 
denim 1
This is one coat, with topcoat.  Denim is a gorgeous, rich blue, with lots of shimmery silver particles in it. It's not sparkly at all, but the shimmer really adds depth to the blue. 
denim 2
Coverage is really good - one coat was fine (although I did add a second the next day to cover the tip wear). Denim dries matte, which was also a nice look, but adding topcoat really makes it come alive.
elle's spell ring 2

I wore this with my latest bit of nail varnish jewellery, a ring made with Barielle's Elle's Spell (which I posted about here). I LOVE Elle's Spell, it's such a gorgeous colour. This is about five coats of Elle's Spell! I love how it moves between red and gold and greenish orange in the sunlight.
elle's spell ring
See? Isn't it pretty?
elle's spell ring 3


  1. Stop that. My shelf's blue section is full.

    Stop it!

    1. I am not going to stop it!

      And I am enjoying your creative names.

  2. Oh my! I am officially in love with that blue. I've rediscovered my 2nd Favourite Blue Ever in the house move, which I thought I'd lost to the mists of time, so I will be rocking blue fairly soon, but that's beautiful.

    (The Very Favourite Blue Ever is a late lamented Bourjois, that they stopped making 15 yrs ago)

  3. In the bottle I thought I could pass this one up, but looking at it on your nails I think I will need it now :P

    1. Thanks! It's definitely worth getting, that's what I think.


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