Monday, 27 August 2012

Sinful Colors, Serena and Chloe - worn 3 ways

I found some Sinful Colors polishes in a bargain bin for 99p in the market hall a few weeks ago, and bought Daddy's Girl (a purple jelly with glitter) and this one, which is inexplicably called Serena and Chloe. It is a bright orange jelly with particles of shimmery gold.
serena & chloe 5
It has been sitting on my untried shelf since I bought it, as I just can't decide how to wear it. This afternoon I decided to try it out a few different ways. On my little finger is five (yes really!) coats of Serena and Chloe on its own. On my ring finger is two coats of Serena and Chloe over an orange creme, OPI A Roll in the Hague.  On my middle finger is a jelly sandwich, with Serena and Chloe alternating with China Glaze Solar Flare, my very favourite gold glitter. On my index finger, just for comparison, is China Glaze Riveting, my very favourite orange.
serena & chloe 4

S&C on its own is fine, but looks very like S&C over a creme, so I would definitely choose to layer it rather than wear it on its own, as alone it took ages to dry to the same effect. 
serena & chloe 3
The jelly sandwich is something I haven't done before, but I do like it. I like how the big glitter in Solar Flare looks orangey with Serena and Chloe over the top. And I like how the top layer of Solar Flare looks more gold than the layer further down.
serena & chloe 2
Serena and Chloe does look very like Riveting, although just not as shimmery. All in all, I still prefer Riveting.

Finally, just a quick shot of the Riveting and Serena and Chloe bottles side by side, just for Squeakymom, who wondered. 
bottles 1

What do you think?  How would you wear this?


  1. I very nearly bought this one, just to have a Sinful in my collection, but sense won out (until I bought a couple over the weekend, in more "me" colours)

    Seeing them side by side the bottles are pretty different, blame it all on poor eyesight & no functioning braincells.

    1. Hehe!

      What do you think about the different nails - is the sandwich a bit OTT?

    2. The sandwich is pretty, but a tiny bit OTT. or rather it would be on every finger, but as an accent nail it's cute

    3. Thanks. Yeah, that's kind of what I was thinking.


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