Saturday, 8 September 2012

Birthday + Another Swap = LOADS OF NAIL STUFF!!

I had a birthday, and bought stuff from the Born Pretty online store, and did another swap with my American friend Ariadne Elise, and all the parcels arrived on the same day!
birthday 2

birthday 1
In the box are: lots of nail varnishes, peanut butter related American sweets & chocolates, socks, nail varnish, a very special personalised nail varnish planner (lol), cupcake supplies, Springsteen cds, various vouchers and more nail varnish.

Ari made me a gorgeous ring which is so sparkly it's impossible to take a photo of.
stamped ring

I bought studs and striping tape and lots of glequins from Born Pretty:
born pretty delivery

A friend sent me two of the OPI Germany polishes. These are Danke Shiny Red and Germani-cure by OPI. 
birthday opi

These are my swapsies! Look! My first Kleancolor polishes, and OH MY GOODNESS!
birthday swap 1

birthday swap 3

And more!
birthday swap 5

I am going to have so much fun with this lot!


  1. ♥ Shiny ♥ Best word in the 'verse (see: Firefly =)

    The ring! Oh! It photographed beautifully! I'm thrilled to see it on you. Yays! *jumpy claps*

  2. Isn't getting parcels the best?!

    I really like Kleancolor's glitter polishes, except for one thing: they take forever to dry. No, really, forever.

    1. It's so exciting! It was just coincidence that the swap parcel arrived on my birthday, but it really added to it.

      Yes, the Kleancolor I've played with so far is taking aaages to dry, haha. Oh well.

  3. wow your so lucky


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