Thursday, 27 September 2012

Germani-cure by OPI

When I saw swatches online of the OPI Germany collection, the ones that jumped out at me were Danke Shiny Red and Germani-cure By Opi.  I've already posted about the red, but here is Germani-cure By Opi, which I got as a birthday present earlier this month. What I loved about the swatches online was the reddish-brown colour, which reminded me of embers. 

germanicure by opi 6
This is two coats, in bright, direct electric light.
I have to say, I'm actually a little disappointed with this one. While I can see the reddish gold in the bottle, I can't really see it on my nails, unless I shine a very bright light directly onto my nails. In most lights, it just looks brown. It's a nice brown, very rich and chocolatey and a bit shimmery, but I mostly can't see the red.
germanicure by opi 1
This is indoors in indirect light, and how the colour looks most of the time.

This is two coats of Germani-cure By Opi, with topcoat. I found that the first coat looked rather ugly - it was streaky and greyish looking, and quite thin. The second coat though was much better. I like this as a brown - as I said, it's rich and shimmery, and has a nice darkened quality round the edges. In bright lights it has some reddish gold shimmer, but it's not easy to see in general. 
germanicure by opi 4
This is indoors in lowish light.

germanicure by opi 5
I didn't really like the formula with this one - I was surprised at how bad the first coat looked, I really didn't think it was up to OPI's usual standard. I do wonder whether I've just got a bit of a duff bottle...I also noticed that it peeled really quickly. Firstly when I was testing it out, it peeled within a couple of hours. Then when I wore it properly, I was very careful about having clean nails, and doing a good basecoat and so on, and it lasted all day at work before peeling off completely in the evening. I don't know if it's something I'm doing, or what...


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