Sunday, 16 September 2012

Kleancolor - Born to the Purple

My recent swap parcel included loads of GORGEOUS glitters, and they're all exciting. But the two that grabbed my eye the fastest were two of the Kleancolor jelly glitters, Red Hot and Born to the Purple. Almost immediately, I'd made two rings and a pendant!
born to the purple 2
Here is Born to the Purple on my nails - this is about three coats. It's a little hard to tell, as some of the coats were more dabbings that actual coats. Born to the Purple is a bright fuschia purple jelly polish with stacks of bright purple glitter. The glitter isn't particularly easy to place on the nail, but with some careful dabbing I got an even coverage. 
born to the purple 4
I absolutely LOVE how this looks - it's so squishy and bright and shiny, it reminds me of boiled sweets.  It looked amazing in the sunlight - which of course had gone by the time I got round to taking photos!
born to the purple 5
This took a while to dry. Not an inordinately long time, but longer than many polishes I use. Nothing that was a problem though. And just look at the result!
born to the purple 3
I mean - look how squishy it is!
kleancolor born to the purple ring 2
I love how the ring looks - the glitter is suspended in the jelly and it's just so bright and pretty!

I made a pendant to go with it too.
born to the purple pendant 1
And here is my Red Hot ring.
kleancolor red hot ring 3 kleancolor red hot ring 2
While I'm here, here is a bunch of pendants - some that I've made for a friend, with my Born to the Purple one. What you have here is Models Own Purple Glitter, Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis, China Glaze Emerald Sparkle, and China Glaze Ruby Pumps.

nail varnish pendants 1 nail varnish pendants 2


  1. Oh my! That *is* super squishy looking!
    And it makes amazing jewelry. Love it!

    1. Thanks! It does, doesn't it? I need a blue one, and an orange one, and a green one... lol!


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