Friday, 5 October 2012

Nails Inc Brick Lane - Graffiti Collection

Today I am wearing Nails Inc's Brick Lane, from their Graffiti Collection. I had a Nails Inc voucher, so I bought the juicy sheers (the orange posted yesterday, plus the cherry one) and this glitter, which caught my eye. I haven't seen anything online about the Graffiti collection, but there are four of them - a multi coloured one, a purple one, a navy one, and this monochrome one.
brick lane 3
This is two coats of Barry M's Bright Pink, with one coat of Brick Lane Graffiti. Brick Lane has a clear base, with lots of tiny black microglitter, some semi-translucent white microglitter, some larger black and white hex glitter, and some black bar glitter. This isn't sparkly glitter at all, and on its own it dries rather matte. Please excuse my shocking cleanup! It was early morning and I had to get to work, and I wasn't completely awake yet! 
brick lane 2
The glitter is a bit clumpy at times, so you need to be careful otherwise it does make some very opaque dark patches. You can see on my middle finger that the glitter came out rather quickly! I wasn't able to shift it around more before it dried. I prefer how this looks on my other fingers, where it's a little more sparse and defined. It did dry very rough and a bit scratchy, so I've got two coats of topcoat here.
brick lane 1
I'm not sure what I think of this. I think I like it. Somehow it reminds me of pencil shavings, and those little bits of pencil dust you get if you've been drawing with a soft pencil.   
brick lane 4


  1. Ahhh thats gorgeous, gotta love black and white glitters!

    Jazz x

    1. I've never had a black or white glitter before, but I think I do like this.

  2. It's unusual but I like it, they captured the whole "grafitti" theme quite well. It looks really good over the bright pink!

    1. I'm not quiet sure why it is like graffiti, but it is, isn't it?

  3. I think a certain drama-queen of an indie polish manufacturer is going to get her knickers in a knot when she sees this one (fortunately Nails Inc are UK, so it may take a little while) I;d be more inclined to buy this one than hers, mind. It really works with the pink, too. Very 80's.

    1. Ha! She seems to have gone quiet these days sadly.


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