Monday, 29 October 2012

OPI Goldeneye

The recent OPI James Bond Collection mostly did very little for me I'm afraid - there weren't too many that didn't look like lots of other colours out there, and I thought I would be fine to avoid them all. 

However, you may know about my obsession with gold nail varnish, and my quest to find the perfect gold! On my way to the States on holiday earlier this month, I departed with BARE nails and no nail supplies at all (argh!). However, at Manchester Airport, with several hours to kill, I discovered an OPI stand, and fell in love with Goldeneye.  I wore it for two weeks, just topping up with another coat every few days, when I started to get tip wear.
opi goldeneye 2
This is three coats of Goldeneye, with topcoat. To be honest, I doubt I needed topcoat, as I managed fine without it on holiday, but I added some anyway.  
opi goldeneye 1
Goldeneye is a very fine metallic gold foil. The particles are tiny, and have a few varying shades of bright, warm, yellowy gold, that together create a slightly textured looking opaque gold look. I absolutely LOVE this colour! So much so, that I think I can actually say that THIS is the gold I have been looking for. 
goldeneye closeup
It's such a bright, shiny, reflective finish, and a lovely warm colour. I love it. 
opi goldeneye 3
This wore really well on holiday, and only started to get tip wear after about 4 days, and even then it was minimal. Removal was a bit of a pain, but I'm going to use acetone next time, and I'm sure it'll be easier (I was using nasty travel pads that I bought in the airport). 



  1. Oh my gosh, this is stunning I'd love to see if this colour would suit my pale skin!

    Jazz x

    1. I don't see why it wouldn't! You could always try a coat of a warmish orange or something underneath - the first coat of the gold isn't opaque.

  2. It is. It really is like having dipped your nails in actual liquid gold.

    But if you've achieved your nail mission, what will you search for next? (I'm hoping OPI decide to make one like this & Pros & Bronze in silver, because then my life will be complete)

    1. Wearing it now (yes, it's taken this long), and keep staring at my nails. How can something be this shiny & still be legal? And I wonder how cool it would look layered with Pros & Bronze? May need to play.

    2. Make sure you show us if you do!


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