Sunday, 18 November 2012

Essie Skirting the Issue + Jordana Copper Blaze

This is yesterday's new purchase, Essie's Skirting the Issue. I was idly browsing in Boots, and picked this up thinking 'meh, another vampy red, I have loads of these...' when I suddenly noticed - JELLY! Oh wow. I have lots of dark, vampy reds. But I do NOT have any vampy red jellies! It looks great on its own, but I thought it might be fun to try a jelly sandwich. 

This is one coat of Skirting the Issue. It's a lovely smooth formula, although a bit streaky at one coat. It dries semi matte in appearance, so this would need topcoat.
skirting the issue 1
I then added a coat of Jordana's Copper Blaze. This was a gift from my lovely American friend Ari, and it's SO sparkly and pretty. It's the perfect glitter for me, in an orangey coppery gold. There's tiny microglitter, and larger hex glitter, all the same colour, in a clear base. I often wear this over black, or dark blue, both of which look good.  Anyway, I then added another coat of Skirting the Issue, which gave me this:
skirting the issue 2
I was initially disappointed, in that it clearly isn't going to make a typical jelly sandwich. The Essie is far too dark for that. You can't see the glitter clearly, much less the colour of it. However, after a few minutes of waving my fingers around, I decided that actually, this looks pretty cool! It was much sparklier and shinier than I'd expected, and I think it looks very similar to Barielle's Elle's Spell (which I posted about here). 
skirting the issue 3
After another coat of Skirting the Issue, I then added a final coat of Copper Blaze. You need to be a little careful when applying this, as the larger pieces can drag, so you do need to push them around a bit to get the placement even.
skirting the issue 5
Copper Blaze is just SO sparkly!
skirting the issue 4

I like this. I think maybe I'll just wear the Copper Blaze over the top of Skirting the Issue in future though, rather than layering it. 


  1. I really like how Skirting the Issue transforms Copper Blaze. It becomes a vampy-red version of Lippmann's Bad Romance. This post makes me look at Skirting in a whole new light. Thanks!

    1. Thank you! I'm thinking you could make an Elle's Spell copy pretty easily by layering with glitter.

    2. Just got this-- Skirting The Issue.
      A friend gave it to me for my birthday yesterday. =)

    3. I did not know it was your birthday! Happy birthday!

  2. So pretty and sparkly! I love that essie polish :)

    1. Thank you! Yes, I couldn't resist it, I think I'll wear it on its own tomorrow.

  3. I love your nails nearly as much as I love your teeth.

    1. My teeth are PERFECT, thanks to you lovely Archie!


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