Sunday, 4 November 2012

Nails Inc - Cherry Juicy Sheer, aka Royal Ascot

This is another of the Nails Inc Juicy Sheer collection, the Cherry one. These only appear to be called Juicy Sheers on the Nails Inc website - everywhere on the bottle is only labelled with the names. This one is Royal Ascot.
royal ascot 3
Royal Ascot is a sheer, red jelly. This is two coats, with topcoat. 
royal ascot 1
(indooors, artificial light)
Royal Ascot has a really smooth application, which dries to a gorgeous shine. One coat gives a subtle blush-like colour. Two coats is still sheer obviously, with plenty of visible nail line, but the colour deepens to a really nice tomato-ey red. In some lights (indoor, artificial light) this looked a little orangey, and in others (outdoor sunlight) this looked far more cherry-red.

royal ascot 2
(natural light)
I bet this would look great as a jelly sandwich with some gold (or maybe black?) glitter. 


  1. OH! this is beautiful I'd love to see it with a chunky glitter for a jelly sandwich! nom.

    Jazz x

    1. Thanks! It's so juicy, isn't it? I'm going to try a jelly sandwich, just as soon as I can decide on a colour.

  2. I wonder how well it would work with the graffiti in a jelly sandwich? Kind of strawberry pips.


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