Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Kinetics - Purple Madness

The lovely people at Sleek Lashes asked me if I'd like to try some Kinetics nail polishes recently. I'd never heard of the brand, so I jumped at the chance!

Kinetics is a European brand. They have a big range of nail polish (over 190 colours!) and they contain no DBF, formaldehyde or camphor. They also contain plasticizers (whatever they are!) which "facilitate smooth, easy application". Anyway, on to the polish!
kinetics purple madness 3
This is two coats of Purple Madness, with no topcoat.  One coat would probably have been fine, as the formula was very even, and highly pigmented. I just added two because I always do... The plasticizers must do something, because it was lovely and smooth, and nicely self-levelling.
kinetics purple madness 1
The brush is really nice too - I have very narrow nails so often find that brushes can be too wide to do my nails neatly. This brush is perfect - narrow without being skinny, and easily controllable. 
kinetics purple madness 2
I thought initially that the colour was very like other light purple/lilacs that I own, so I wasn't overly excited about it. However, the formula was definitely better than Rimmel Pro Ultra Violet (definitely requires two coats, as there is streakiness with one) and better than Barry M Berry Ice Cream (much thinner, also needs two coats).  You can see them here in comparison,  L-R this is Purple Madness, Rimmel Pro Ultra Violet, Barry M Berry Ice Cream, all one coat. It's clear once they're on that Purple Madness isn't at all the same shade, so I'm happy! It's darker than all my other purple cremes, so I now have a good range for some ombres and other plans...
kinetics comparison
In the UK, you can buy Kinetics from Margarita Belska - click here to see the range.  They're currently on sale on buy-2-get-1-free, and are only £3.35 each anyway!  Even better, Margarita Belska have given my readers a 5% discount on any orders - enter code SAVE5ATBL at checkout. As well as all the Kinetics polishes, they have a stack of lovely looking handcreams and nail treatments and so on, so it's worth a look at their site.

Edited to add: This polish lasted really well! I put it on in the early evening, and then spent the evening typing and cooking. I then wore it all day at work - lots of typing - for two full days, and eventually removed it at the end of the third evening. It was still perfect at this point - no chips or peeling, no tip wear at all (unusual for me) and still smooth and glossy. I'm even more impressed!

This was provided for review purposes. See my Disclaimer page for more details.


  1. It's a nice shade, and the coverage looks great. (I'm torn between being in the middle of a serious no-buy, and there being a few very nice duochromes/opalescents on their website that I sort of need quite badly.)

    1. Well they are VERY good value, and 3 for 2! It's like saving money, or something. You probably do need some opalescents, you can't have many of those?

  2. I bloody love a purple. Tempting...

    1. Tempt tempt tempt!... They have lots of blues too...


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