Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Zoya Blaze with a Stripe

I have posted about Zoya Blaze before - you can see my initial post here.  I love this colour! It's just so rich and sparkly and pretty!
zoya blaze stripe 2
Just for a change, today I'm wearing it with a stripe of black. This is Rimmel Black Out, just freehanded on with the normal polish brush, and then finished off with a coat of Seche Vite.
zoya blaze stripe 3
I'm quite pleased with how this turned out. It's nothing elaborate or fancy, but I like the contrast between the glitter and the creme. I could probably have made the stripe a more even width, and made it crisper if I'd used tape, but I didn't have the time or the patience this evening!  
zoya blaze stripe 4


  1. I really like this, I'm going to give it a try! Although amazingly I have no black nail varnish at the moment. I also think it will be really messy, especially my right hand! Might try using tape if I can find any :)

    1. Ooh, definitely try it! It'll probably be much neater with tape!


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