Friday, 1 March 2013

Avon Viva Pink & Golden Vision - plus STUDS!

A friend gave me a lovely surprise gift yesterday of these two Avon polishes! Viva Pink is a bright pink creme, and Golden Vision is a lovely cool gold foil. I couldn't decide which to wear first, so I wore both!  I did two/three nails in each colour on each hand.
avon pink gold + studs
After most of the day, I then went a bit mad with studs! These tiny gold studs are from the Born Pretty Store (if you don't know that place, you should, it's amazing! It's full of awesome studs, glitter, nail stickers, all sorts!) I bought these ages ago and hadn't got round to trying these out yet.  I should have started at the tips, I worked that out half way through! I ended up with uneven gaps at the tips. Still, it wasn't too obvious in real life.
avon pink gold + studs 2
The polishes were great! I'm very impressed. Viva Pink is three coats here - it's a lovely smooth creme, really nice application. I like the Avon brush - it's quite short and firm, I hardly needed any cleanup at all. Golden Vision here is two coats. Application was a bit tricky with the first coat (it dragged a bit and went a touch lumpy) but that was because I was doing very thin coats. That's just habit. This needs a thicker coat - my second was fine. I like the colour, it's nice and shimmery and catches the light really well.
avon pink gold + studs 1
The studs lasted really well for a couple of hours; I lost one from the tip, but I was doing washing up, so I think that's reasonable!


  1. Love both colours and they look so nice together too! The studs are really effective!

    1. Thanks! I do like pink and gold together, it's a pairing I do fairly often. It's the first time I've done studs all over a nail, and I'm really pleased with how it came out.

  2. Super cute Elanor! Love pink and gold together. I just ordered my first lot of stuff from born pretty but haven't gone for studs just yet... which size are the ones you have on your nail here?

    1. Thank you! I was a bit daunted about trying studs the first time, but they're a lot less... OUT THERE than I expected once they arrived. They're not heavy or clunky, I was worried that they'd be banging into things and feeling odd, but they're really light. These are the 2mm round ones. I've also tried the 2mm (I think!) square ones which I really like.

      I'm going to be having my very own Born Pretty Store discount code very soon, if you do feel like trying them out! (Sorry, I'm excited!)


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