Saturday, 6 April 2013

Nail Art Supplies - my Stash!

Today, I thought I'd show you my box of goodies!  What used to be a couple of bits and bobs became an overspilling pile on my shelf, and then a stuffed full box! I'm sure I don't actually have that much stuff compared to most bloggers, but here we go...
nail art stash 2
What's inside?
nail art stash 1
So we have... striping tape - multiple colours, although you can't see that here, bought from Born Pretty Store. Paint brushes for clean up and in theory for painting things on my nails, although I haven't used them for that yet.
nail art striping tape
My bargain £1 stamper, my one and only stamping plate, and an OPI nail corrector pen (mostly useless):
nail art stamping
Rhinestones! One set each of small round, large round, and teardrop shaped. These were all gifts.
nail art rhinestones
Nail beads. The heart-shaped bottles are from Claire's Accessories (and came with the tiny funnels), the others are MUA. Somehow there's a tube of nail glue too, I'm not sure why.
nail art pearls
Dotter/striper bottles:
nail art liners
Packets of things! There are hole reinforcers, standard rectangular labels for chopping up into various shapes, some French mani tip guides, stick on nail diamante from Tesco (bought about 4 years ago and still not used!), some cool pirate stickers that I don't want to waste, star-shaped diamante and heart-shaped stencils from Superdrug, and some spotty nail wraps that I don't like (too thick) but don't want to waste by throwing away...
nail art packets
Nail wheels. I don't have very many, but these are just for random trying things out, testing combinations and so on. I like these, I need to buy more.
nail wheels
Glitter! Lots of glitter! The 12 small pots are ones I bought from the Born Pretty Store. The others - top left is a GOSH nail dust that was a present, top right is some gorgeous pink holo glitter that was also a present, and bottom left some apple decals I bought for about 80p on a market stall.
nail art glitter
My first studs - bought from the Born Pretty Store, these are tiny round ones, and larger square ones.
nail art studs 2
More studs! These were sent for review from BPS.
nail art studs
Tools! A dotting tool set (one snapped in half when I dropped it), cheapy cocktail sticks for dotting and swirling and sticking studs on, and a load of sponges (some cut up) for sponging gradients.
nail art tools
Fluff! This was a set of six pots that I bought in Hobbycraft. As you can see, hardly used really.
nail fluff
And that's it! Is there anything you'd like to see me use? If so, please shout, and I will!


  1. Wow! You do have a lot. I like the look of the fluff, the colours are really nice.

    1. I haven't used the fluffy stuff in ages, I must try it again I think. They such cheerful colours - maybe a furry skittle?

    2. Oooh definitely. I'd love to see that.

    3. I've got very little else to do today, so I think I will!

  2. I want to see the stencils in action - I've been wondering about them myself.

    1. Ooh good idea! I bought them ages ago and never tried them!


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