Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Pedi-Sox Review

Today I'm really excited to be able to show you some Pedi-Sox!  I saw these on an American blog a while ago and thought they looked awesome. I was determined to buy some, but then found they only sell in the States, and was really disappointed. Well, now they're launching in the UK, and the lovely people at Pedi-Sox have sent me some to review! (Warning - there are feet in this post! And I spent most of my teens in pointe shoes, so my toes aren't pretty!)

Pedi-Sox are a genius idea - socks with the toes cut off, so you can paint your toes whilst still having nice warm feet! Simple, but so clever! I was sent two pairs for review - the Pink Stripe from the Original range (nice and warm!) and the Black and White Polka Dot from the lightweight California Weight range. 
pedisox pink 2
The pink ones are fabulous - really soft and cosy, and even with my cold feet and cold house, I had my toes out all evening quite comfortably. First I soaked my feet and gave my heels a bit of a scrub. Then I smothered my feet in moisturiser and put on my socks (they're designed not only to let you paint your toes, but also to help creams and treatments etc absorb into the skin). On my toes is Barry M Red Glitter, by the way. 
pedisox pink 1
Next are the lightweight socks - and I think I like these even more! These are really fine and soft, and so comfy. 
pedisox spotty 1
My feet feel great - and even though my toes are not going to be seeing the light of day any time soon (it's still very cold here) it's nice to know my toes are all sparkly inside my shoes.
pedisox spotty 2
I love these! Looking at their range (click here for the company website, with all the different colours and styles) I really want the leopard print ones!  In the UK, these are going to be sold from a company called Only Fingers and Toes. At the moment, they can only sell in their spa in Croydon, but their online store will be launching in the next couple of weeks - I'll let you know when it's up and running! 

However - if you really really want some now... wait around for my next post! I have some very exciting news!

These socks were sent for review purposes, but words and opinions are entirely my own. See my Disclosure page for more details



  1. I really wish I'd thought of this...its always the simple ideas!

    1. Isn't it just? So easy, but why on earth have they not been around forever?

  2. They look cosy! My toes don't see daylight much because I have bad circulation and horrible icy feet. I do feel it's not good for them to be enclosed ALL of the time so these may be a good idea for hanging around the house in. (I only do toe nail painting if I'm going swimming!)

    1. I ended up wearing these for two whole evenings. It was nice to be warm but with some breathing space and air, my toes sometimes get a bit warm in socks.

  3. Oh these are perfect, I've spent my life in pointe shoes too and always have cold feet when doing a pedi, how have I lived without them!x

    1. They're good aren't they? I've used them multiple times now and I'm so impressed!


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