Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Pink-Purple Gradient with Glitter

It's been COLD for ages here! I'm so fed up of snow and cold and having a million layers of clothes on. At least the sun has been out recently though!  Today I've got a quick gradient to show you.  I had been wearing China Glaze Pink-ie Promise, and quickly jazzed it up with a sponged gradient of Barry M Bright Purple.  
pink purple gradient 1
However, this didn't look as neat as I wanted, so I covered the worst of the mess with Barry M Lavender Glitter. 
pink purple glitter gradient 2
I've also been experimenting with watermarking.  I never bothered to do it when I first started blogging, initially because I didn't know about it, then because I didn't know how, and then because it never occurred to me that anyone would want to post my photos anywhere else... and also because I'm lazy.  What do you think? Is it essential? Worthwhile? A waste of time? And am I doing it wrong? 
pink purple glitter gradient 1

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