Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms - Lavender Sky?

This is one of the fabulous Sally Hansen Nail Prisms that Squeakymom found in a bargain bin in a secret location somewhere!  I've had it a while but have only just got round to making it useable.  When it arrived, it looked like this!
prism mystery 2 oops
There's no brush! I fished around for a bit with a cocktail stick and dragged out a lot of very shiny bristles. Today I decanted the polish (using one of the tiny funnels from my Claire's caviar beads) into an old Seche bottle, leaving the original bottle looking like this!
lavender sky 5
Now I can use it!  This is five (yes really!) coats of the mystery Nail Prisms that I believe may be Lavender Sky - although please correct me if I'm wrong!
lavender sky 1
It's so pretty isn't it? Formula is very very thin and sheer, left me with a bit of flooding round the cuticles and meant the polish isn't really dry the way I'd like. I think next time I'll layer it over maybe a silver base.
lavender sky 2
This is so pretty though, I can forgive the thin formula. The silver-purple-greeny-blue duochrome is more visible in the light when I move my fingers around, it's very hard to capture on camera. I still love it though.
lavender sky 3
I think there are already tiny dents on my thumbnail, oops!
lavender sky 4


  1. It looks stunning. Molten metal, absolutely gorgeous. I don't think I've worn it yet either tbh, we still don't have enough sunshine for me to break out the prisms yet.

    1. It's beautiful isn't it? So silky smooth. I might try it over a dark colour too.

  2. You make me wanna bust out my two, untried Sally Prisms ♥


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