Saturday, 31 August 2013

My Most Used Polishes

A comment on my last post about Essie Sand Tropez reminded me how much I love that colour! It's such a good polish - excellent formula, lovely brush, really nice simple colour that combines really well with all sorts of other colours... Anyway, I started thinking about the polishes I wear most often.
most used 2 most used 1
As you can see from these photos, these are four polishes I have used a LOT! Here we have Essie Sand Tropez, Rimmel Pro Heart on Fire, China Glaze Ruby Pumps and China Glaze Solar Flare.  (Another polish I use a lot, so much so that I'm on my second bottle, is Rimmel 60 Seconds Black Out, but my current bottle is nearly full, so I left it out of the photo).  So I thought I'd have a go at using them together, which I don't think I've done before.
most used 3
This is two coats of Essie Sand Tropez, with Solar Flare daubed at the base of each nail. I'm afraid I can't show you my thumb, as I messed that right up! 
most used 4
On the accent nail is a coat of Rimmel Pro Heart on Fire as a base, and then two coats of the oh-so-beautiful Ruby Pumps.
most used 5
I like how this looks! I won't be keeping it on for long, because of the messed up thumb - although if I hadn't done that, I think I'd have left this for a few days, as I think it's simple but sparkly!


  1. That's a cute combo. Did you notice how similar it is to your Leopard Print, Red & Studs mani? ;-) Same color families, and yet they both feel so unique. Just a thought I had whilst reading. ♥

    1. Thanks! I did, yes. This is why they're my two most used colours!

  2. sand tropez and ruby pumps are also my faves!

    1. I'd never considered using them together before, but they work so well I think. It was your comment the other day that made me think of this, so thanks!

  3. I really need a bottle of solar flare. Techno gets used all too often, but I need big gold being.


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