Wednesday, 18 September 2013

2true Pro - Christy

Today I have another 2true polish for you. This one is the second of my 2true Pro Sequins range, the silver one, Christy. This is two coats of Christy, with topcoat.
2true christy 2
This is the silver version of yesterday's pink one, Elle (see here for review) and I absolutely love it! The formula is really good, the polish is opaque quickly and easily, dries well and lasted all day with no chips or peels or shrinking tips.
2true christy 1
I LOVE the look of this one! It's so very sparkly and pretty. I've always preferred gold to silver, but I think this is one of my very favourite silver glitters and I can definitely see myself wearing this regularly in the run up to Christmas!
2true christy 3
As you can see from the macro shot, the glitter is really densely packed, and has several sizes in there.

(I apologise for the state of my knuckles! I had an accident with a lever arch file...)

This polish was provided for review purposes. See my disclaimer for more detail.


  1. Preeeeeeety! My local Superdrug has just closed down (booo, hiss), but I think I might feel an adventure coming on.

    I was wondering which other supermodels they were named after, I'm hoping for Linda (Evangelista) rather than Naomi (Campbell) for the last one.


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