Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Zoya Sunshine - and Autumn Leaf Decals

I love the Zoya Pixie Dusts, and could resist getting a couple of the autumn 2013 range! Today I have Sunshine, a stunning blue glitter, and some autumn leaf decals.
zoya sunshine 2
This is one coat of Zoya Sunshine, with no topcoat.
zoya sunshine 4
Sunshine is a beautiful deep blue polish, opaque in one coat, with a lovely silver shimmer. Zoya describe this as a Van Gogh blue, which it really is! I can see Van Gogh's skies in here for sure.
zoya sunshine 1
Isn't it a beautiful blue?
zoya sunshine 3
I decided to use the leaves from the water decal set I reviewed here to make an autumnal look.
sunshine + leaves decals 4
I do love water decals! They're so easy to use, and so effective.
sunshine + leaves decals 3
To add these decals over a textured glitter, first I added a coat of Seche Vite, then the decals, and then another coat of Seche. The textured glitter did give a touch of texture to the decals, which also made some tiny holes in the decals in places - an effect that I wasn't expecting, but which I really like, as it makes the leaves look more natural to me - you can especially see this on the orange leaves on my ring finger.sunshine + leaves decals 1
Sunshine is just stunning with topcoat - the glitter and sparkle becomes so much deeper and more effective. I love Sunshine both ways though.
sunshine + leaves decals 2
I'm really pleased with this look!


  1. Water decals are the greatest nail invention tbh.

  2. I love that nail polish! I'm definitely going to be investing in it
    And great design btw x

  3. Sunshine looks so pretty! I love how the decals look with the polish too! :)

    1. I really liked Sunshine - I wore these for two days at work with no chips or peels or anything, still looks perfect.


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