Thursday, 2 January 2014

Bora Bora - Colour Changing Polish + MoYou London Mother Nature

For my first nail design of the new year, I have another temperature-sensitive polish from Ferity MissMatch, and some stamping with the MoYou London Mother Nature plate 02.  First the polish!

As you know, I love colour changing polishes. This is three coats of Bora Bora, a lovely green, with topcoat. I bought this polish on Amazon for under £2.50. It's a little sheer, and takes a while to dry, but multiple coats and Seche Vite sorts that out.

When hot, it's a paler spring green, and when cold, a dark foresty green. 

Getting cooler on the tips...

Fresh out from the cold tap... 

getting warmer...

This is how it is most of the time in my house, warm nail beds and cool tips.

Not content to leave the polish like that, much as I love it, I decided to stamp over it. I got a MoYou London XL stamper for Christmas, and it's SO much better than the cheap poundshop one I was using before! 

I decided to try out my new MoYou London Mother Nature plate 02 (love the typo on the plate! Not sure if it's clear on this photo, but is says "MOTHER NATURE PCOLLECTION") and stamp some birds and feathers over the green using Barry M Gold Foil.

I was thrilled with the results! I stamped some individual birds on three nails, and then used the peacock feather area of the design to stamp on the other two nails. 

I really love how this looks!  The gold foil is perfect for stamping too, really clear and clean, and adds some shine to the nails too. I topcoated over everything once it was dry. 

I like the combination of the colour changing base and the stamping over the top. 

This one is with very cold hands... 

And with room temperature hands.

I love this! I now want to try all sorts of foil stamping over colour changing polishes! What do you think of this look?


  1. I love how that thermal polish looks - I've never tried a thermal polish myself but I'm really tempted, lol!

    1. Thanks! I got this on a bit of a whim from Amazon, I figured at that price, if it was awful, it didn't matter. I now have several! They're a bit smelly but they're fascinating, I can't stop playing with them when I'm wearing them. Have a look at my color changing tag for more!

  2. Oh oh! I might have to try stamping with a silver foil cos that looks amazing. The one time I tried it I used Barry M white which may have been a bit watery.

    1. The Barry M silver and gold foils are really good for stamping, also I think the lilac foil. I've got a Konad white and black too. I want to try stamping with a holo soon!

  3. Lovely design <3 i just ordered three moyou plates and i am excited how they will work :)

    1. Thank you!

      I love the MoYou plates, they seem really good.


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