Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Barry M Silk Collection - Mist + Stamping

I am LOVING the Barry M Silk collection! They're all so pretty! I can see me using these polishes a lot. I love the finish, and the colours, and the formula.

This is Mist, the blue one. This is three thin coats, obviously no topcoat. 

As with Blossom and Meadow which I posted yesterday, this is a lovely pastel colour with a pretty satiny sheen matte finish. 

I then added some stamping again, this time using MoYou London's Festive plate 04 (the Christmas jumpers one). I had tried and failed with this place several times over Christmas and not been able to get it to stamp cleanly, so I was really pleased to be able to get it more or less right today. (I missed a bit on the side of my index finger, but it's not massively obvious in real life.)

Isn't it a pretty pattern? Now I've managed to get it to work, I'll be able to use it as it should be, over red for proper Christmas jumper nails! Wait - it's February? Oh.

Anyway, I'm quite pleased with this look. My skin is looking really dry; I think that was the cleanup. Oh well.    


  1. Love these, you will have to do them again so I can see them in real life :)


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