Friday, 7 March 2014

Friday Challenge - CATS!

The Friday Challenge is back! I didn't do it two weeks ago, and last week I did it, but didn't manage to take a single acceptable photo.  But today is back to business as usual. Today's theme was... Cat's the way (aha aha) I like it!

I love cats! I also love cheesey 70s pop songs. And puns. But I went with cats. I didn't want to feature any old cat, I wanted to feature my sweet boy Ferg, aka Lord Fergus, Sir Fergustopher, Mr Fergington...  He came to me sort of by accident. My lovely Patty girl had died in October 2012, and a few weeks later a colleague mentioned that she desperately needed to rehome her cat as she was moving, and I said I'd take him, and then regretted it but didn't like to say no... and within a couple of weeks I was smitten and couldn't live without him. He's my darling, he's ridiculously affectionate and cuddly, and I love his heart shaped white face patch. 

This is two coats of Barry M Blossom, which by the way, I love so much that my bottle is now down to 2/3 full already!  I then freehanded the portraits of Fat Ferg with Rimmel Black Out and Barry M nail art pens in black and white. 

I was really happy with these!

This made me feel better quite a lot today during a more than usually frustrating day at work. Mr Fergface was there to cheer me up!

These might not be the best cat nail art there is, but it's recognisably my baby boy, (or at least, it is to me!) so I'm happy with them.


  1. Your nails are great but that first pic of Ferg is so ridiculously cute!

  2. aww, these nails are so cute, just like your cat!

  3. These looked fab close up, the pictures here don't do full justice to the effect close up. They were stunning x


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