Friday, 21 March 2014

Friday Challenge - Sweet Shop!

This week's Friday Challenge is... Sweet Shop!

I wanted to go for a sweets-inspired look, rather than actually painting sweets themselves onto my nails. 

For this design I used two coats of Barry M Blossom from the Silks collection (my bottle is down to 2/3 full! I'm going to need a back-up!) on three fingers, and two coats of Jacava Raspberry Bavarois on my thumb and ring fingers. 

I then added studs to the Blossom fingers. The studs are from the Born Pretty Store, and are stuck down with topcoat.   I used striping tape to tape off stripes on my Raspberry Bavarois fingers and then added a coat of Barry M Princess, the textured pinky gold glitter, for a sugary texture. 

I'm quite pleased with this look. It's pretty and sweet, and I think it meets the brief! I was really pleased with how well the studs stayed put too - they've been on for 24 hours now and have survived intact, which doesn't always happen with studs and topcoat for me.



  1. these were perfect, the texture was gorgeous and definitely gave the sweet shop feel :)

  2. These are so cute and perfect for your prompt! They definitely remind me of a sweet shop! :)

    1. Thank you! I didn't think the two different nails went together particularly, but I did enjoy wearing these.


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