Saturday, 29 March 2014

w7 Mystery Blue-Green Shimmer Polish

This is the last polish from my giant w7 haul from a couple of weekends ago. Unfortunately, it's another one where the label came off when I cleaned up the giant spill, so I don't know what this one's called! However, it is a really pretty bluey green shimmery glass fleck polish.

This is three thin coats on each nail, except on my ring finger, which is one coat over black.  The formula on this is quite sheer and runny, so I wanted to see if putting it over black was easier, or if it looked as good.

I think it works fine over black! The shimmer isn't less pronounced than on the other nails, and it was easier to apply - although there was no problem on the other nails, it just meant using fewer coats. 

Whilst it isn't very springlike, I like how this polish looks. I wish the greeny blue shimmer was a bit more obvious in all lights, but I think this will look great in the winter!

This polish was provided for review. Opinions and words are entirely my own.

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