Sunday, 9 March 2014

W7 Review Part 3. Pink, Black, Glitter Dust and BLING!

This is the next part of the reviews of the massive w7 delivery I had last weekend. You can read the previous entries here and here.

First up is the pretty pale pink one, Powder Pink. This is three thin coats, no topcoat.

The application on this one was a bit tricky. Like many very pale pastels, it's quite thin and streaky, and needs three coats for even coverage. 

This is a pretty colour, but it's not really the sort of colour I wear much, as I tend to prefer stronger, brighter shades. However, it does dry nicely, and is lovely and glossy. I feel that this would last well too, as the finish feels rock hard, unlike some polishes where you've had to use multiple layers. 
I then jazzed this up using the bottle of pink glitter dust. These are really easy to apply - the bottle is glass, so easy to hold firmly. The full cap is soft rubber, and pulls off the bottle so that you can add excess back in afterwards. The tiny cap at the tip pulls off easily, so that you can dust your nail quite precisely. 

I added topcoat just along the tips, and then dusted the wet topcoat with the glitter. 

I really like this glitter - it's soft, and once your polish is dry, it seems firmly fixed. I typed with this for quite a while, and my keyboard was clear of glitter when I'd finished. This isn't the sort of glitter which can catch on things, or feel rough. And it's so delicately sparkly!

Next up, I tried the black polish which came in this kit... 

Now, as this photo isn't entirely clear (haha!), here's a photo courtesy of Amazon, where you can buy this kit for under £3.
 Photo: W7, Amazon UK

This is the Nail Bling set in Black Night, which contains a black polish, and two pots of glitter. 

The black is really nice, I was very impressed with it. This is two coats, no topcoat.  

It was almost a one-coater, but I added a second just to even up a couple of spots that weren't quite fully opaque. But the formula was really good, application smooth, and dries to a lovely glossy sheen.

These are the two glitter pots. There's a clearish iridescent one and a silver one. At first, I thought they were both the same type - hex glitter which can either be placed individually (if you have time and patience, and good eyesight!) or dipped/sprinkled on, but looking closely, the silver one is actually a mix of large silver glitter, some white sparkly dust, and some other colours and sizes of glitter too. That was the one I chose to use.

Over a piece of kitchen roll, I added a tip of topcoat to each nail, then dipped the nail in the pot. Then for my ring finger I painted the whole nail with topcoat and gently sprinkled from the pot. I could then use the kitchen roll to tip the excess back into the pot for next time. 

As you can see, there are shades of gold, blue, green, pink and so on in there - the sunlight just made this come alive. It looked amazing outdoors!

This is ridiculously sparkly! This would be great for a night out. Or a sunny day. Or you know, just a day when you want to sit around in your pyjamas watching your nails reflect rainbows around your room!

I've been so impressed with these W7 polishes and products! 

These products were provided for review purposes. All words and opinions are my own. See my disclosure page for more information. 




  1. Wow this a lovely sparkly post, they are great colours. I'd have to agree with you on the liking bolder colours rather than lighter colours though. :)


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