Friday, 25 April 2014

Doctor Who Ring! And Fifth Doctor Nails!

I don't know how I've managed this, but somehow I have NEVER posted any Doctor Who nails! This is despite the fact that I am a fan (especially of classic 'old' Who) and that I have definitely done Who nails on more than one occasion. So now I'm remedying that. 

I bought this ring from the Born Pretty Store recently - it's described as "Question Mark Shaped Ring", but we all know that means DOCTOR WHO!  It's only $1.59 too, which puts even Claire's Accessories to shame (and I love their cheapy jewellery!) 

To go with this, I did nails inspired by my favourite Doctor - the Fifth. I love him LOTS. He had a lovely crickety outfit with lots of beige, and I ADORED him.  (Photo: BBC)

This is a base of Barry M Pearl (the white one from the Silk range), with stripes made using striping tape and Barry M Truffle and Crush - these are Five's trousers. For the accent nail, I used a base of Pearl, which I taped off and then added Essie Allure for his jumper. I used a Barry M nail art pen in black, and Crush again (with a striping brush) for the jumper details. I then added a matte topcoat.

While I know these aren't perfect, I'm pretty happy with them - I've been wanting to do Fifth Doctor nails for quite a long time and now I have, so I'm happy. And I LOVE this ring! It's really cute, and feels nice and solid too, so I'll definitely get some wear out of it.  

You can of course still use my discount code if you want 10% off any BPS items:



  1. That ring is great! Your nail designs are so impressive - I'm just happy if I can get one colour to look right!

    1. Thank you! Yes, the ring is fab isn't it? I can't believe it was so cheap either!

  2. You are actually crazy. And wonderful. We went to the Doctor Who Experience last week, and I was thinking of you.

    Love the accent jumper nail.

    1. What's crazy about Doctor Who nails?? Surely it's entirely normal? :D

  3. That is the sweetest and most unique Dr Who mani I have ever seen. Brilliant!!!

    Oh and if you love cheap jewelry then you need this: Renaissance Micro Crystalline Wax!

    I haven't used it for long, but I got it because my jewelry-maker auntie told me that it keeps cheap metals from tarnishing easily.

    1. Aw, thanks!

      That stuff looks interesting, might have to look into that! I use a silver cloth currently, but it's getting a bit old and will need replacing...


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