Monday, 7 April 2014

Ferity Sizzling Red Thermal Polish

Just a quick post tonight with another Ferity MissMatch temperature sensitive polish. This is Sizzling Red, a pink-red thermal polish. It's pink when warm, and bright red when cold.

This is three coats, with topcoat. 

Sizzling Red is an interesting one - at one coat, the pink when warm is almost clear. It's certainly almost invisible, which makes the transition to bright red when cold really dramatic. At two coats, the warm parts of the nail are translucent pale pink, very much like a sheer pink tinted polish. Three coats is obviously a little more opaque, although the colour is still translucent. 

I love the effect on this one! It's so pretty, I think. The formula is very like the other Ferity polishes I've tried - a bit smelly, not perfect, but really REALLY effective. 

I really do love these polishes! I think I have almost the entire collection now!



  1. This is such a pretty thermal. Love both the peachy pink and the red x


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