Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Polish Party - Inspired by Another Member

It's Polish Party time again, and this month's theme is 'Inspired by Another Member'. There are many very talented ladies in this group, and lots of designs I could have chosen, but one design I keep coming back to again and again is the gorgeous ombre stripe design by Madison at Fundamentally Flawless. She has done this design in pink, blue and green, all of which I love, and she has posted a tutorial, which makes it look super easy!

It isn't easy at all!

I love the bright colours that Madison used, but I wanted to see what it would look like in monochrome colours. I started with a base of OPI 4 in the Morning, a matte black. Next I used China Glaze Stone Cold, a gritty dark silvery grey. Then I used OPI Push and Shove, the bright silver chrome, using a narrow nail art brush. Finally I added a stripe of Konad White using a thin striper brush.

I'm not at all pleased with these: the contrast between the colours is all wrong, so instead of being ombre, it's more of a dark bit, and then a light bit. As you can see, the white line isn't really visible on top of the silver. My lines are too wobbly too for my liking - I found it really hard to keep a steady hand - I just can't paint in a straight line! 

Oh well - maybe I'll get it better next time!  

Have a look at the rest of the group's posts on the links below - as you can see, it wasn't just me who had a go at Madison's design!



  1. What a good idea to try it in monochrome! Good job x

  2. Love these nails, cute blog!
    zoe xx


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