Tuesday, 6 May 2014

3D Pink Flowers with Pink Half Moon Textured Glitter

Today's nails are super girly and pretty!   I was sent these lovely 3D roses from my favourite shop ever, the Born Pretty Store. I wanted to match them up with something really girly and delicate, so what better than the Barry M textured glitters, Lady and Princess?

I started with a base of Lady, the white textured glitter. I then used hole reinforcers to paint another coat of Princess, the pink textured glitter over the top. I glued the roses on using a tiny dab of topcoat. 

I would have preferred more contrast between the white and the pink to make the half moons clearer; Princess came out looking paler over the white than it does on its own. However, they do match well with the delicate pink of the roses, so it does work nicely.

These roses are so pretty! I love them. They're very light, and stayed put really well with just topcoat. I didn't wear them for a full day though, and if I was going to, I would use nail glue rather than topcoat. I'm not sure what the roses are made of - it's not plastic, it's more like fimo or something like that. They're lovely and light, and not scratchy or clunky on my hands. 

These roses are item #6530 at the Born Pretty Store. There are 18 different colours available, and they cost $2.09 for 10 flowers.  You can also use my discount code for an extra 10% off all orders.

These roses were provided for review purposes, but opinions are 100% honest. See my Disclaimer for further details.  



  1. I love the glitters but the roses are too much for me, great combination though...

    1. Thanks! Yes, I know what you mean, and I wouldn't wear these that often, but I was surprised how much I actually liked these.

  2. Great combo! Love the little flowers :-) And the wee moons are quite subtle but cool :-)


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