Saturday, 12 July 2014

Summer Gradient! Gold-Orange with Zoya Pixie Dust

I enjoyed wearing Zoya's Chyna yesterday, and it made me want to wear another of the Pixie Dust polishes. I couldn't choose between Solange (the gold one) and Dhara (the bright orange), so I did a gradient using both of them!

I love how this turned out!

The Pixie Dust polishes are quite hard to clean up if you get them on the skin round your nails, as you can see here. This isn't an issue usually, as they're really easy to control when you paint your nails normally, but sponging the gradient did make a lot of mess, that wouldn't all clean up. 

I love how summery these look.

I added topcoat too, just to see what they looked like shiny....

Fabulous is clearly the answer to that!

I don't like my nail shape at the moment - several nails have broken short or been broken at the corners, so they're all really short, and several are rounded off. I wish they'd grow! I was looking back at old photos from last year, when they were really long and strong, and I don't know what happened!  Oh well...   


  1. Awesome gradient Elanor! Loving it and the Zoyas :-)

    1. Thank you! I feel like I've had such a breakthrough with gradients. Now I know what I'm doing, I can't stop doing them! I wasn't sure how the textured polishes would work for it, but it turns out they work really well!


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