Friday, 8 August 2014

Beach Gradient Sand Mani!

The other week, after a particularly difficult few days at work, I took an impromptu day off (I had to use up one more day of annual leave before the end of the academic year) and went to the seaside! I'm not a fan of traditional beaches and sitting around sunbathing - I prefer wild beaches with long walks, that sort of thing. I went to Gibraltar Point near Skegness,  walked for quite a long time and had a small picnic.  Whilst there, I kept looking at the sky and sand and thinking about a nail design... 

I also lay in the dunes for a bit and dozed, and started thinking about how pretty the sand was, and about 'liquid sand' nail varnish, and wondered what sand would look like on nails. I took a handful of sand home with me in a pocket, and today, this is what I've made.

This is Barry M Huckleberry and Vanilla, made into a gradient. On my ring finger, I painted a coat of Vanilla and then dipped my nail into the sand. 

In the end, the gradient doesn't actually look much like the actual sand/sky on the day, but I still like it. I think pale blue and pale brown go really well together. And while it isn't as sparkly as I'd hoped, I do like the way the sand looks. I hadn't really realised how many colours there are in sand!

The sand felt really secure, and I'm pretty confident it would have held up for a day on my nails, but I decided to add topcoat, hoping it would making it really shiny. 

I was a bit disappointed with this though - it does look like wet sand, but it's less shiny rather than more shiny, and it looks a bit muddy. Oh well, it was a fun experiment!



  1. So creative! Now I think you have to visit lots of different places to try out different sand, and find the sparkliest and prettiest sand for your nails.

    1. Haha, that would be good! It's a bit of a trek to get to a beach for me though, living where I do!

  2. What a cool experiment! The sand does look pretty awesome on your nail! I think it does look better without the top coat for sure :-)

    1. Thank you! Yes, I definitely preferred it without topcoat. I've got enough left for more use so I'll definitely use it again.

  3. What a lovely idea! Great post :) nice souvenir of your day out too!


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