Sunday, 3 August 2014

Colour Me Crazy! Green Week - A-England Dragon

I have just about managed to post this one in time! The British Nail Bloggers Colour Me Crazy challenge is up to week 4, Green.

I received the STUNNING A-England Dragon in my recent swap with Ananka, and knew I wanted to use this for green week. Although it's a stunning polish on its own, I decided to try it out for stamping!

I started with a base of MoYou London Spring Green (this is a stamping polish, but applied superbly as an all-over colour) and then stamped over it using Dragon and MoYou London Mother Nature plate 11. 

I love the way this came out!

The holo in Dragon is most effective outside in sunshine, but it's actually a bit overcast today, so the photos don't look as amazing as this actually looked in the sunshine this morning. Oh well!  

Check out the rest of the British Nail Bloggers' contributions to Green Week here:


  1. Love these, the combo of colours is so nice (especially Dragon!) and I love the stamp design you chose! x

    1. Thank you!

      The MoYou plates are just so gorgeous, there are so many lovely designs!

  2. This looks amazing! I like the two greens together! And what a pretty pattern :-)

    Yeah Dragon is quite hard to capture without the sun or well timed flash!!


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