Monday, 22 September 2014

China Glaze Real Nail Polish Appliques - Kickin' Up My Kilt

I had heard of China Glaze's appliqués before, but never seen them anywhere to buy, or I'd have tried some before now! And then I was lucky enough to be offered some for review! 

These are a bit like wraps, but instead of being made of plastic or vinyl or whatever, they're made of nail polish, which makes them much thinner and more flexible than wraps. This design is called Kickin' Up My Kilt, and is a green, yellow and black tartan-style plaid design.

These were so easy to apply! Much easier than wraps, definitely. You apply these to clean, dry nails, which have been pre-buffed (there is a small buffer included in the packet). There are 16 wraps which come sealed in an airtight pack as they dry out if they're left open. The sizes are varied so I had no trouble fitting them to my nails. I found this a lot easier than with wraps too, as when there were ones that were slightly too wide, rather than cutting them (awkward!) you can just melt off the excess with a brush dipped in acetone. Much neater, and much much easier! There is also a bit of stretch to these as well, so you can get them to fit much more easily than wraps. 

Aren't they fab? I love this design. My nails felt really cool all day at work, and several people commented on them. 

I really like the design, and even more so, I love the appliqués themselves. 

Sadly, these were a limited edition which China Glaze no longer make. You can still find them online in a couple of places though, if you're lucky.  OR - if you fancy getting your hands on some of these, then keep an eye on my blog in October, as I have an exciting birthday giveaway coming up.... :D

These appliqués were provided for review. See my Disclaimer for more details.



  1. I've never heard of these either but they look really good :-)

    1. I think the quality is fantastic. If you look around online, there are some gorgeous designs! The pack says these last for up to a week, so we'll see.


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