Monday, 1 September 2014

Orly Color Blast - Magenta Color Flip

I was in a large Boots the other day and noticed a display of a brand I'd never seen before - Orly Color Blast. Google tells me that Color Blast is the high street 'cheaper' version of the Orly range. Not that much cheaper though, as these cost £9.50 each!  The display was stunning, really gorgeous, and I ended up buying three!

This is Magenta Color Flip, 2 coats, with topcoat.  Apparently the Color Flip range is the Color Blast duochrome range. This one shows a gorgeous red/orange in the bottle, which suckered me in immediately as I LOVE reds and oranges!

Application is really nice - it's even, smooth and clean, and the brush is really good. The lid is nice - it's rubbery and the ridges give a good grip. 

On the downside, I can't really see any duochrome on the nails. There's a bit visible in the bottle, but it doesn't really translate to the nail.  

On the other hand - it's a gorgeous, glowy, shiny colour! I do really like it.

Having said that, £9.50 is quite a lot for a high street brand, and I can't say that this colour is particularly unique. I do have a lot of glowy metallic reds! But this is beautiful!


  1. This is a wonderful colour :-D I've seen these in Boots too and wondered about the price :-|. I saw a few iridescent ones that reminded of some from the Cosmic FX collection!

    1. It is a great colour - interestingly it did look a bit duochromey today in low light, and went a bit orangey gold in places. I couldn't get a photo though.


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