Sunday, 29 March 2015

Born Pretty Stamping Plate 54 - Two Different Looks

I'm sorry - I've been AWOL from the blog recently. There was no real reason, just general tiredness, lack of inspiration, and a broken nail.  Anyway, today I have another Born Pretty Store stamping plate to show you, this time with two different looks. 

This is plate BP-54, which has a mix of leaves, flowers, and cute owls! I do love an owl! The plate is available here, for $2.99 and free worldwide postage.

For the first look, I started with a base of Barry M Meadow, and stamped using the leaf design and MoYou London Spring Green.  I found the leaf pattern a little on the tricky side, as it didn't always transfer cleanly, but I'm not sure if that was the plate, the polish, or my stamper (or indeed, my technique!)

Still, I think the leaf design is effective in a green-on-green look like this.  I then stamped over a couple of accent nails with the owls, using Konad Black.  You may notice that the owl on my middle finger looks a bit ghostly - I tried first of all to stamp in a brown colour, but could not quite get the colour to show properly. Then when I stamped in black, I didn't quite line up the owl. That was entirely my fault! 

I tried to stamp the owls on the branch, and the owl at the bottom right of the plate, but I just could not get them to pick up the design cleanly. I will have to try again with a different polish another time.

Being a bit disappointed with the owls, cute though they are, I tried again today with the flower from the middle of the plate.  I started with a base of Barry M Blossom. Initially, I wanted to stamp with different shades of pink, but Dragon and Rose Hip didn't show over my base, so I stuck with Barry M Pink Punch only.  I found that my stamper struggled to pick up the outer petals of the design, which is why I then stamped multiple layers of the flowers on each nail. You can see some of the uneven stamping on some of the nails, if you look carefully, but I don't think it's particularly obvious!  

I added a rhinestone (also from the Born Pretty Store) for added sparkle. I think this look is really pretty, and I'm really happy with the finished mani!

This plate wasn't as easy to use as the other Born Pretty stamping plates I've tried previously. I struggled to pick up the pattern cleanly on some of the designs, although whether that was the plate, the polish, the stamper or me, I'm not sure. Still, it's a really cute plate with lots of really nice possibilities. You can buy this plate (and others) from the Born Pretty Store, and get 10% off using my discount code.

This plate was provided for my honest review. See my Disclaimer section for more details.


  1. Nice stamping and designs. Those owls are just so cute :-)

    1. Thank you! They really are, aren't they?


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