Saturday, 24 October 2015

Pantone Universe Gift Set & Silver Rays

A friend recently gave me a surprise present - look how cute this set is!

I've heard of the brand but only very vaguely, and never seen it in shops at all. My first try is the silver one.

This is two coats of the silver. I don't think it has a name, although perhaps the number is the identifier. 

The formula of this was really nice. This is two coats, but it was almost a one coater. The polish is smooth, easy to apply neatly and dries quickly. I'm not crazy about the brush, as the square lid is quite awkward to hold, but it's not so difficult that it spoils the application.

Of the silver polishes I've tried, this is one of the better ones by a long way. It's not brush strokey, and it didn't chip or peel in the three days I wore this. The shine is really nice, and seems to have a real glow to it.

After two days I used striping tape and Barry M Black Currant to make a rays design. 

I like this look too, although Black Currant still just looks black to me - it's very hard to see any purple there!



  1. Pantone is a company that creates colour references. I haven't seen them do polish before! And yes, the colour "names" are the numbers. They are Pantone references. If you Google "Pantone ref 16-3520", for example, you'll see that it's that mauve/purple colour (also called African Violet ... although not all Pantone references have names).

    1. Thank you for explaining, that makes sense.


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