Sunday, 15 November 2015

Illamasqua Prosperity

I picked up a bunch of bargains yesterday in TK Maxx - two full size Illamasqua polishes for £3 each, and a set of China Glaze minis for a tenner. Here is one of the Illamasqua colours, Prosperity.

This is two coats of Prosperity, with topcoat.

Prosperity is a vivid purple, very pigmented and vibrant. It's a fairly thin formula, but applied nicely without pooling or making a mess.  

It dries to a mattish rubbery finish, and I added topcoat for longevity and shine. 

I think this looks fantastic! It's a gorgeous colour!



  1. Love it! Reminds me of an Orly I have yet to try "Saturated" (?) I think. I also love how we're connected no matter what. I hadn't bought polish in ages & yesterday I scored 4-- in TJ Maxx! LOL!

  2. I had an Illamasqua fail from TK Maxx not long back, wouldn't dry at all. Guessing that's not the norm. Yours is stunning.

    1. I've only tried one before - the fab black rubber one, Scorn.

  3. Gorgeous purple. I've got a lot of Illamasquas from TK Maxx lately ;-)

    Which CGs did you get?


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