Monday, 21 March 2016

Mood Maker Orange Thermal

Following on from my previous post showing you the pink thermal, here is the second one in the set, the orange one.

This set of 2 was £6 in Boots. 

This is three coats of the orange one.  Formula is quite nice, if a bit thin. Easy to apply though, and not runny or messy. This is a little sheer, but you could apply it over a white base if you didn't want visible nail line. 

This has a less obvious colour change than the pink one. It moves from a yellow when warm to a juicy orange when cold. 

While I really like how this looks cold, I'm not particularly keen on the warm yellow look. 

So as not to look quite so yellow, I quickly stamped over these with Models Own Gold Chrome and MoYou London Artist plate 11. 

1 comment:

  1. The stamping really makes these! I agree this one needs some undies ;)
    Great post, thanks for the review x


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