Saturday, 2 July 2016

Lolly Gloss Watermarble

Here are some more nails I wore in the last couple of weeks, that I hadn't got round to blogging.  I thought I'd see whether the Barry M Lolly Gloss polishes work for watermarbling.... and they do! 

I started with a base of Barry M Cotton, and then watermarbled using Pink Candy, Purple Pop, Orange Fizz and Cherry Drop. 

As you can see, they work really well.  I'd wondered before about water marbling with sheer polishes, but the OPI Color Paints I have are only minis, and I wasn't keen to waste loads of polish. The Barry Ms are a fraction of the price, and are easier to replace, so I went with those. Plus these smell pretty!

What do you think? I really love how these look, and I'll be doing this again. I wish they did a green and a yellow as well!



  1. I love them! Wish i could do water marbling, but the mess, ugh. Love looking at other people's though, and the colours you've used work really well x

  2. It looks great :-D Like sweeties hehe!


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