Thursday, 8 September 2016

Bow Thermo Topcoat - Purple Stamping

Today I've been wearing the second of my Bow Thermo Topcoats.  


This is two coats of Bow Thermo Topcoat Violet. I then stamped on top of it using MoYou London Flower Power XL06 and Barry M Blackberry. 

The Violet Thermo changes from a translucent polish with a hint of lilac when warm to a dark purple when cold. Like yesterday's Red Thermo Topcoat, there is a really pretty shimmery glitter running through it. 

When my nails are cold, they are almost completely plain purple. For most of today though it's been really hot, so my nails have been the paler lilac base with the purple flowery pattern showing in full. 

I really like these thermals! They're so pretty!



  1. You know I love these thermal stamped mani's & this colour combo is gorgeous.
    Vicky xx


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