Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Sparkly With A Spike

I have no idea what to call these nails, or how to describe them!  

Recently I've been consciously trying to NOT use Barry M polishes, because I'm aware that I use Barry M far more often than any other brands.  So a couple of days ago I painted my nails using Tami Gleneagles Glamour, which is a really pretty rose gold with holo glitter.  I then thought it was a bit boring, so I freehanded a black line and a bit of a curve round the cuticle... using a Barry M nail art pen!  Oops.

I really liked how these looked, but I don't think my colleagues were very impressed. Several people said things along the lines of "oh... they're... different. I loved the ones you had on yesterday though!"  

Oh well, I don't care. I liked them.

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