Sunday, 30 October 2011

Zombie Nails!

So, I went over my pretty pink manicure from yesterday with Bourjois Lime Catwalk and a striper pen, and ended up with this:

zombie nails 2

zombie nails 1

I taped off the ends (and wasn't careful about making them even, or all facing the same way) and painted one coat of the lime. This is a colour I don't think I'd choose to wear on its own, but I think it's a good colour for what I wanted today. I like greens, but I tend to prefer dark, sparkly greens for actually wearing.

Anyway. Once the green was dry, I painted on the stitches with the black nail art pen (it was Andrea Fulerton's Dot & Flick). I was worried that I'd find the right hand really hard to do, but it actually turned out more even than the left! Once these were dry, I did a coat of Seche Vite to seal it all. Unfortunately, the SV caused the stitches to melt a bit and make a bit of a smear. Oh well, I don't suppose anyone will be looking too closely. It annoyed me though.

I'm also disappointed with how dry my cuticles look in every photo these days! I am being very good to them, I'm covering them in hand cream and in neem oil, and when I look at them with my eyes, they look fine. Then I take a photo and they look dreadful!  So I'm wondering whether it's my eyes... I hope not!  Again though, I suppose nobody's going to be looking THAT closely. I just wish I had the perfectly clean finish that the other nail bloggers have.


  1. I'm not sure how concerned REAL zombies would be about the neatness of their stitches tbh :-P Fab nails!

  2. Good point! I was too obsessed with being neat that I forgot what zombies like! Thank you!


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