Friday, 4 November 2011

First Attempt at Patchwork Nails - the Zoom

I have a top that I wear to work quite often. I like it because it isn't black. Several months ago, I was walking down a long corridor at work, and a colleague I get on really well with appeared right at the other end, walking towards me. I could see that he was laughing away as he approached. As he got to me, he was laughing out loud. He then said that he didn't realise it was me, as he thought it was a giant Zoom approaching.  You remember?  The lolly?

Here is my top:

zoom top

Ever since then, he sings 'zoom zoom zoom' at me at regular intervals, and I have always thought of my top as my zoom top. 

Last night I thought I'd combine having a go at the patchwork tape manis I've seen on much fancier nail blogs with trying to make ZOOM NAILS!

First I started with Barry M's Coral.  Here it is:

barry m coral

I SWEAR that those dry bits aren't my skin! I think they're dried Seche Vite. Anyway, Barry M's Coral is quite sheer and jelly-like, and looks lovely and juicy. I liked the colour a lot, but it is extremely similar to the Block Orange colour that I already have. Slightly more pinky, but still very similar. This was two coats, and if I was wearing it alone I'd probably add a third coat as there was still quite a bit of my nail line showing through.

I then taped off various bits, and added Rimmel's Shocker (a bright, shimmery pink, perfect in one coat) and Barry M's Vivid Purple (a gorgeous dark purple with a rich shimmer to it, again, perfect in one coat) and another coat of Seche Vite, and there we go.
patchwork mani

It's not perfectly clean, and I'm not keen on the pink and coral together (I don't think they're different enough to look quite right) but as a first attempt, I am quite pleased. It wasn't as fiddly as I thought it would be, and it's neater than I expected it to be. I would prefer it in different colours, but I will be doing this again!

I have since googled the Zoom lolly, and it turns out it was a totally different colour scheme anyway!  Damn my colleague and his faulty memory!


  1. Big lols at his faulty memory :-) Excellent work at top-matching-nails! I am tempted to have a go at a blue and silver version.

  2. I think you should. And then you should show me.

  3. What do you use to tape over the base colour? im really wanting to do something like this!! would just normal sellotape work?

  4. You can absolutely use normal sellotape (unless you want to spend LOADS of money on fancy nail tape stuff that is exactly the same). I stick it to the back of my hand first so it's not too sticky, but yes, normal sellotape is perfect. You need to peel it off as soon as you've painted the top colour, so do one nail at a time.


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