Monday, 21 November 2011

China Glaze - Emerald Sparkle

Back in the early days of my nail varnish obsession, when I first started reading nail blogs, I found out about the wonderful China Glaze Emerald Sparkle. I saw all the wonderful photos and I wanted a bottle for myself. Oh, how I wanted one!  But I couldn't find one anywhere. Not in my local shop that stocks everything, not online, not anywhere.

cg emerald sparkle 4

Then the other day, I was in my little shop again, and hiding behind the Eye Candy display (ooooh, how pretty THEY are! I bought two!) there was one lone bottle of something dark green and sparkly. SURELY NOT? I thought, and hardly dared look, but yes, there it was! One solitary bottle of my long desired Emerald Sparkle!  

And what was even better - because it had apparently been there years, it was only £3.50! Result!

I wore it to work today, and lots of people commented on it, and wanted to look at it and know where I got it. It is almost impossible to photograph it, especially as I hardly saw any daylight today, so this is the best I can do. I will have to take more photos when we get some sun. 

cg emerald sparkle 2
This is three thin coats, although two would have been fine. It's a gorgeous dark, foresty green, with brighter green glitter that just seems to glow from within. It reminds me of Christmas trees and pine forests. I'm almost surprised that it doesn't smell of pine needles.  

cg emerald sparkle 1

Oh no! Look at my dry skin! Or rather - don't look! I swear I must be going blind, because I could NOT see that with my eyes. Oh dear. I'm still posting the photo though, because of the 25+ photos I took of this, this is - believe it or not - one of the better ones. Emerald Sparkle  = good, Elanor's dry skin = shocking!  I think it's not helping that I'm using remover every day at the moment. I must do some special treatments. Does anyone have any dry skin/cuticle advice? It would be much appreciated.


  1. Very pretty! This would definitely be a great Christmas polish! :)

  2. Thanks! Yes, that's what I was thinking. I couldn't wait that long to try it out though!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous rich. I am almost that colour myself as it's an amazing find :)

  4. Thanks Pinkie - sorry! I went back today and found they had another bottle hidden away, so I bought that too just in case.

  5. How do you have a little local nail shop that sells real & proper brands? My nearest equivalent sells lots of £1.50 bottles in terrifying shades of "lifebouy orange" & overpriced foil wraps. The odd bottle of New York Colour is about as good as they get. I need to move.

  6. You do need to move. I don't know where this shop came from, but it just sprang up about a year ago and looks like the kind of scary place I'd never go into, because it's full of hair extensions and false eyelashes and orange ladies. But they have a whole wall of nail varnish goodness, and they KNOW ME as the crazy lady that buys China Glaze four times a week.


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